a bunch of microsummaries news

I’ve been remiss in not blogging lately about much cool microsummary news.  To make up for it, here’s a bunch all at once:

First off, Markdown Monkey, Deprec4ted, and NeoAddict have all created microsummaries for their web sites (the latter as a generator).

Also, I’ve added two new example generators, one that shows you flight status via FlightStats (prompted by a request from Seth Bindernagel) and another, adapted from a generator by Samuel Sidler, that shows you a web site’s traffic ranking on Alexa.

Petr Tomasek has put together some microsummary generators (mostly for Czech sites).

And Dietrich Ayala, author of the way-cool Bugzilla Search generator, wrote an XSL stylesheet that transforms a generator into an HTML page containing a link for installing that generator (i.e. the generator displays its own install page).

I’ve added his stylesheet to all the example generators, so if you happen to load one of those generator files directly, you’ll see something better than plain XML (unless you’re looking for plain XML, that is, in which case you’ll see something worse than plain XML, and View -> Page Source will become your friend).

Finally, I wrote a tutorial on creating regular expressions for a microsummary generator to help folks without existing RegExp fu learn to write expressions to match the URLs of sites they want their generators to handle.


Myk Melez

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