toolsmith opportunity at Mozdev

The Mozilla-related job market seems to be heating up these days, and I even received an inquiry from a recruiter lately asking if I know of (or am) someone to hire.

Job postings from that recruiter (and others) are available on, and the Mozilla Corporation is also hiring, but I’d like to highlight something else: a Web Apps Developer/Sysadmin contract position at Mozdev.

Mozdev provides project hosting and development tools to Mozilla-related projects, and we’re looking for someone to enhance and integrate the services we provide.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an engineer’s engineer who really appreciates the value of good tools in the software development process and wants to implement and integrate the state of the art collaborative development tools (VCS, wiki, forum, bug tracking, etc.) and push the toolsmithing envelope.

If you know of (or are) the right person for this job, then don’t hesitate to apply!


Myk Melez

Myk is a Principal Software Architect and in-house entrepreneur at Mozilla. A Mozillian since 1999, he's contributed to the Web App Developer Initiative, PluotSorbet, Open Web Apps, Firefox OS Simulator, Jetpack, Raindrop, Snowl, Personas, Firefox, Thunderbird, and Bugzilla. He's just a cook. He's all out of bubblegum.