Second Preview of Snowl 0.2

I’ve just pushed the second preview release of the upcoming Snowl 0.2. It adds a non-columnar option to the river view along with grouping by time period to the river and stream views.

Here’s the stream view grouped by day:

And here’s the period selector in the river view:

The second preview release also includes a number of enhancements from alta88, who has added several layout and header options to the list view along with a bunch of other improvements (like a customizable toolbar button for quickly accessing Snowl features).

Here’s the menu for selecting those layout and header options:

This preview release also includes many bug fixes to improve performance and functionality.

Still to come is a lot of behavior and visual design work, a number of additional bug fixes, and several more features, including Twitter-based message sending.

Get Snowl for Firefox

Get the preview release: Snowl for Firefox.

Warning: this version is a primitive implementation with many bugs, and subsequent versions will include changes that break functionality and delete all your messages, making you start over from scratch.

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Myk Melez

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