to all the bugs I’ve filed before

The first bug I filed was marked as duplicate; the second was worksforme (although Chris Petersen could reproduce it before he couldn’t anymore); and the third was invalid (it was the spec, not the code, that was errant). The fourth is the first that was fixed.


Myk Melez

Myk is a Principal Software Architect and in-house entrepreneur at Mozilla. A Mozillian since 1999, he's contributed to the Web App Developer Initiative, PluotSorbet, Open Web Apps, Firefox OS Simulator, Jetpack, Raindrop, Snowl, Personas, Firefox, Thunderbird, and Bugzilla. He's just a cook. He's all out of bubblegum.


2 thoughts on “to all the bugs I’ve filed before

  1. Well, one of the first bugs I filed (I didn't keep rigorous track) was a Firefox bug which was duped to a Suite bug (that was around Firefox 0.9 or 1.0, when the Suite was still "Mozilla"), and later when I commented about Firefox to the bug to which mine had been duped, I got rebuked with "Go away, this is a Suite bug, your comments about Firefox are irrelevant, off-topic bug spam" or something equivalent.

  2. My first bug, 35000/1/2 (I managed to submit the same bug three times in a row, possibly due to a bug in either Gecko or Bugzilla), was a (quad?)duplicate. My next bug, 35735, wasn't a duplicate at the time, but it eventually got duplicated to bug 212302. But it was third time lucky, and bug 36173 was a real bug and got fixed.

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